Movement in his peripheral vision had him turning his head to see a body poised on the diving board -- a body he’d like to more than look at. Her skin, a natural, honey brown, glowed with health against the bright orange strips of cloth covering strategic areas on a beautifully sculpted body. A body curving in perfectly where it needed to and out again, without an ounce of unnecessary flesh. The woman raised her hands above her head, bringing his attention to her taunt stomach, and pulled her full breasts—which were neither too small, nor so large they had to be fake—up and almost out of her top. She took one hop off the diving board and executed a perfect dive into the pool, barely causing a splash.

She swam underwater for half the length of the pool before surfacing and swimming above to the other end. Walking up the inlayed steps, she got out and headed over to a lounge chair. Drawn to her, he retraced his steps. As she toweled off her hair, he observed her. Her back seemed to be a study in curves, and he grinned at the two dimples peeking at him above her bikini line. They sat in the middle of the handles of a scissors tattoo. Ross wanted to dip his tongue into each indentation and trace the tattoo lines. His grin widened in appreciation of a rear as perfectly proportioned and enticing as the front. She turned and, glancing up, spotted him staring at her. Her eyes widened an instant before he recognized her.

“Do I know you?” Her voice was husky, sexy and sweet at the same time. His balls tightened just thinking about her whispering his name like that into his ear. Her lips were wet from the pool, cranberry colored and puckered like she was already preparing for his kiss. He stifled a groan.

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What do you do when the lies from your past catch up to you and the truth can get you killed or set you free?

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Suppose you see something you're not supposed to that puts your life in danger and the only person to turn to is the man you left after only one night?

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